Our mission : Help businesses see further. A Turnkey approach, a simple step by step process customized to your business needs.

A recent Canadian study shows that businesses with an Advisory Board have more than tripled their sales. *

The Cercle GDP is known for its unique expertise and leadership in the field of Advisory Boards

The Cercle GDP is solely dedicated to conceiving and managing Advisory Boards geared to supporting Business owners to make their organizations stronger and more profitable.

The Cercle Gouvernance, Diversity, Prosperity (GDP), conceives Advisory Boards to help Business owners to strategically position and grow their business.  

Our clients are Business owners who are aware that they are entering uncharted waters, where a single mistake can be costly.  These savvy entrepreneurs wish to be surrounded by influential business people, able to open doors. People able to enlighten the entrepreneur about subjects he (she) is unaware of and prevent him (her) from making critical errors.  

Our unique support and management program ensures that the Advisory Board offers powerful leverage, helping attain the Business owner's goals, always in tune with his(her) vision and values. 

The members of your Advisory Board are selected to meet your exact needs. Beyond Governance, in-depth strategic discussions based on proposed actions, create an exclusive environment for all to share and grow.

*In 2014 BDC ordered a Canada-wide Advisory Study. The results make a case to encourage more business owners to benefit from an Advisory Board. According to this study, businesses benefiting from the support of an Advisory Board increased sales by 66.8% and productivity by 5.9%.