Chantal Allard

Chantal was raised in an entrepreneurial family where she was initiated to the business world very young.  After completing a bachelor’s degree in French studies, theatre and animation and further studies in Public Relations and Marketing she started her career in the family’s printing business.

When she left to the family business to work as head of communication and event programming for the Groupement des Chefs entreprises of Quebec she embarked on a unique career path.  Self employed, she was free to chose mandates and to work with different groups including the Drummondville Chambre of Commerce, the SAE of Quebec Centre in roles as varied as project manager, trainer, facilitator, and coach.

In recent years she has opened her own consulting office offering conference facilitation and training services as well as onsite interpersonal communication support and intervention services

Her unique background and wealth of experience in varied business environments is of great benefit to the dynamic of the Advisory Boards she manages for the Cercle GDP.