Marie-Ange Bourdon

A seasoned executive search professional, Marie-Ange is also recognized for her in-depth knowledge of mentoring, coaching, and organizational development. A true hunter, Marie-Ange identifies, recruits, and brings together the finest business people to advise business owners. Well connected and up to date on business matters, to conceive great Advisory Boards, Marie-Ange relies on her deep knowledge of the business environment and her ability to grasp complex stakes, while keeping a global view.

Marie-Ange Bourdon is born in France and raised in Winnipeg. Perfectly bilingual, she has visited and worked in several continents. A Business Administration graduate, she has founded several businesses including an Executive search firm in 1997 and the Cercle GDP in 2009. Over the past three decades she been actively involved in the business community, as VP of the BoD of the Chamber of Ville St.Laurent, and later as she headed several committees including Action Femmes d’affaires at the CCMM. She has always been preoccupied with inclusion, and the integration of immigrants in the job market, she is also involved in the increased presence of women on Boards.