"Less than 9% of Canadian manufacturers have an Advisory Board. These are often family businesses and half do not have a strategic plan spanning several years."

An expert of the manufacturing sector.

Many business owners, regardless of age, do not know how to truly benefit from an Advisory Board. 

 In fact, only few business consultants and entrepreneurial experts can clearly distinguish between an Board of Directors and an Advisory Board, or an Advisory Board and Executive committee.

Positioning and empowering Business owners to use a complex strategic tool requires a structured process. One of the main advantages of the Advisory Board is that it can be tailored and adapted to most any situation. 

Conceiving an Advisory Board on your own, with internal or external help does guarantee that it will be strategic, or the optimal particularly over time.


Our Services

Optimizing an Existing Advisory Board

Conceiving an Advisory Board on your own, with internal or external help does guarantee that it will be strategic, or the optimal particularly over time.

Have your meetings have become boring. Do you seem to be going around in circles?

Your Board needs the right fuel. We take stock of how you supply your Board and make recommendations for corrective measures.  

You have an Advisory Board but you are not sure...Is it the powerful strategic instrument it could be?

We help you clarify your priorities. We analyze your situation, propose an incremental solution and allow you to proceed with consideration for the people involved in your Advisory Board.

You feel uneasy :
Your Board is not as thought-provoking. The members do not bring any new light to your decision making process.
- You do not know have to bring in new blood without upsetting people who have become your friends.
- Your Board has become a bother to manage

We take care of all the details including the recruitment of people of the correct caliber to help both you and your business move forward.

Your Board will be strategic and strong once again. You will have renewed pleasure, with a stimulating Board which stimulates you and frees you to see further.

Managing an Advisory Board

You are already busy enough without having to worry about a Board.

Your concern is justified, an Advisory Board is a high level management tool. Like a saw it must sharpened to remain useful. Cercle GDP continuously improves on the best management practices of the Strategic Advisory Board. We take care of the details so you can reap tangeable benefits from your Board.

You do not want to have to write meeting summaries?

It's Turn Key, we take care of it all,

Meeting management

  • You have no summary to prepare
  • You get help to prepare the agenda
  • You have tools to help with follow-ups

There's more
Board evaluation: at regular intervals we administer tailored evaluations to your Board members

Optimization: you evolve, your business evolves, your markets evolve. Your Board must adjust to remain relevant.

You will have an Advisory Board which will be stimulating and a strong strategic value through time.

Conceiving an Advisory Board

You can't see the forest from the trees? You want to get above the fray to give your business an edge?

Cercle GDP helps and supports Business owners by facilitating the creation of customized high preforming Advisory Boards.

Your Board which allow you to regain the pleasure of facing new challenges and to remain strategic.

You wish to be able to identify and to seize the opportunities on the horizon.

Cercle GDP is a leader in the evolution of best practices Advisory Board practices. Your Board will have a savvy balance of experience, expertise, perspectives and acces to exclusive networks.

It is a fact we don't know what we don't know. So how does one find the people who can help?

Our team of seasoned professionals takes care of the multitude of details. We propose profiles and proceed with the recruitment of people who will add value to your Board. You chose among the finest available.

AND, we help you with the on-boarding of each new member.

If you are ready for an Advisory Board, it will come to life quickly with minimal effort on your part.

Preliminary Analysis

You have a few business issues. You have heard about Advisory Boards. Could this help you solve your issues and move forward?

We take stock of the situation with you.

Are you ready now or are there other steps to take before opting for an Advisory Board?

We assess the information and data which can be made available to your Board for it to be helpful as possible.

You will know the steps you have to take in order to be able to fully benefit from an Advisory Board.

Workshops and interactive presentations

What exactly is an Advisory Board?

Customized workshops to meet your requirements - demystifying Advisory Boards

You will understand how an Advisory Board works. What the best-practices are. And you will be able to grasp the benefits of a top-performing Strategic Advisory Board.