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What is the purpose of a company Advisory Board?
What are the benefits?

Whether you wish to plan or implement your business succession, to position your business within consolidating markets or grow through acquisitions or organically, an Advisory Board provides you with unparalleled support. To increase sales, productivity and profitability an Advisory Board empowers business owners to make better decisions that are aligned to their strategic vision, aspirations and priorities.

Benefits :

Improved delegation skills

A stronger management team and better-performing staff

A more structured business

SMART and clear goals

An improved strategy follow through

Achieving and exceeding goals

More confidence about the use of best practices in areas such as human resources, marketing and other functions that are related to this digital age.

Our services

Our services include all of the aspects of building and running high-performance strategic Advisory Boards starting from their creation to their ongoing management while optimizing their effectiveness. Our services are designed to simplify the implementation of effective Advisory Boards by recruiting and integrating members selected according to your needs. We also provide ongoing logistical support which includes meeting facilitation and summaries.

Optimizing an existing Advisory Board

Over time, your Advisory Board meetings have become dull? Its management has become cumbersome? You feel like you’re going around in circles?

We can help turn things around. After a thorough analysis we provide a step-by-step solution that will enable your board to regain its efficiency, effectiveness and strategic usefulness.

You will recapture the pleasure of working with an able and stimulating Advisory Board that provides you with the freedom to thrive.

Managing an Advisory Board

You are too busy to worry about managing an Advisory Board?

The Cercle GDP has developed a series of best practices to help manage your Strategic Advisory Board.

You do not have to write the meeting summaries ;

You receive assistance at preparing the agenda ;

You are better equipped and prepared to do your follow-ups.

We provide you with what it takes to help you find and seize all the business opportunities that may come your way.

Building an Advisory Board

Our experienced team of colleagues takes care of recruiting your new members and integrating them to the Advisory Board. We recruit and propose top candidates and you make the final choice

We then help you to prepare the process of integrating the new members.

If you are ready for an Advisory Board, it will take shape with minimal effort on your part. You and your business will benefit from a new momentum of growth.

Preliminary analysis

You are faced with issues that are specific to your organization. Is an Advisory Board the right solution? We help you analyze your situation.

This review helps to determine if you are ready to benefit from an Advisory Board or if there are things that need to be done beforehand.

We will work with you to develop a plan that will ensure that you have a high-performing Advisory Board tailored to your specific needs.

Workshops and discussions

What is an Advisory Board? How does it work? How could it help our business? Through discussions and workshops, we will introduce you to the logic and inner workings of an Advisory Board.

Are you ready to go forward?

Contact us now.

According to a BDC survey,, 86% of respondents that implemented an Advisory Board and followed its recommendations reported a significant impact on their business. « Over the three years that followed the implementation of an Advisory Board, sales increased by 66.8% compared to a 22.9% during previous years.»

[(Advisory board_ An untapped resource for your business—march 2014)]

Are your ready to reap the benefits of an Advisory Board?